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Prestige Option offers 3 kinds of bonuses:


Bonus types

  •  Pending Bonus
  •  Risk Free Trade Bonus
  •  Profit Bonus



Withdraw Bonus Withdraw Profit Withdraw Deposit
Profit Bonus x x vi
Risk Free Trade Bonus x vi vi
* Pending Bonus x x x

* This is a non not tradable bonus and will only become tradable when the target volume is reached

Prestige Option’s Pending Bonus Feature

As you all know, Prestige Option uphold to the highest standards and provide clients with a completely transparent and secure trading arena. With Prestige Option’s technology, the pending bonus is simple and advantageous to any client. It allows the client full access to their available cash in the balance at all times. It is not restrictive. The pending bonus is simply released as real money into the balance to use or to take, once the client trades the necessary volume. This way it is an incentive to keep trading and a rewarding bonus for doing just that, trading.

What is a pending bonus?

A pending bonus is an amount of bonus money that is added into a client account. The bonus is not restrictive. The pending bonus is simply released as real money into the balance to use or to take, once the client trades the necessary volume.

As you can see in the example above, the account balance now shows $5,453 with a $1,000 bonus pending. As the bonus is still pending until the right volume has been traded, the Available Cash is $5,453.

How do you know your trading volume?

Once a pending bonus is added to a client account on your platform, a volume bar is automatically added into the client account. This volume bar calculates each trade made by the client, whilst also showing how much remaining trading volume is needed to

be made until the bonus can be released. At any time the client can see how much trading has been accomplished and how much more is needed to release the bonus.

Back to the example, you can see the client has traded $3,750 and has reached a trading volume of 25% shown in the volume bar. In this example, the user still needs to trade a volume of $11,250.

As indicated by the volume bar, the client has now traded the full volume to release the pending bonus.

Once the pending bonus is manually released in the back office, $1000 will be added to the balance as available cash.

What’s the advantage?

Other Binary Option trading platforms offer large cash bonuses. However once received, client funds are not available to withdraw and are restricted until volume demands are met. This can be a major problem for anyone needing access to their extra income stream in a hurry!

With Prestige Option’s technology, users experience a real edge and incentive to trade. Users receive a bonus that is designed to reward them for continued trading. It can be used as a safety net, as each trade made and completed will count towards releasing back real cash into the balance.

If your users would like to withdraw before trading the volume to release the bonus, their funds are available. Once bonus money has been released as real cash, they can continue trading or you are free to withdraw it. It is not suggested to promote bonus withdrawals.

Prestige Option’s First Trade Risk Free Bonus

What is the First Trade Risk Free Bonus?

Prestige Option offers a feature which allows users to make their first trade with confidence by removing the fear of losing the first trade investment. Our first trade risk free feature offers a trading bonus of 10-50% of the deposit amount, with the maximum bonus offer being $1000.

How does it work?

The First Trade Risk Free feature provides clients with their money back if their first trade expires out-of-the-money. When the trade expires out-of-the-money, the bonus will be exercised and the investment amount is automatically added back to the client’s balance without needing to contact support.

What are the terms?

The First Trade Risk Free bonus will not be applied and will automatically be cancelled in the following cases:

  • The client uses the sell back feature for the first trade
  • If the client chooses an investment amount higher than the First Trade Risk Free bonus

The First Trade Risk Free bonus is granted only upon the first trade that is place.

Users may withdraw the bonus only after reaching a trading volume (upon receiving the bonus) of thirty times the first trade risk free investment amount. For example, if the user deposits $5000 and receives a first trade risk free bonus of $1000, the bonus will be eligible for withdrawal after a trading volume of $30,000 is reached.