The safety and security of our trader’s personal and financial information is of vital importance to us at Prestige Option.
Learn more about the technology and processes we follow in order to maximize the safety of your account.
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Account Safety

Transparent trading and absolute safety are of immeasurable importance to Prestige Option and to our traders. With years of experience and a clear understanding of the importance of providing our traders with a secure trading environment, the Prestige Option platform is built with these core elements incorporated.

The safety of our traders’ investments and the protection of their privacy is also supported maximally by the technology we use. We have a strict policy of money handling, which is why we never mix our traders’ investments with our operating accounts. Additionally, we have developed an effective policy regarding disputes.

Our instructors and staff members are required to develop cultural awareness among all our traders so that together, we can create a respectful environment which we can all enjoy.


Dominant Technology

In order to maximally protect your safety, Prestige Option has introduced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, with encrypted data, to our platform. All trader transactions are transmitted through this encryption, and are managed by the Level 1 PCI international payment service, which is certified by the first class standards of finance.

In addition, the Prestige Option trading platform is powered by TradeSmarter. As a leading provider in the industry, TradeSmarter uses an Amazon cloud computing environment, which enhances their professionalism and level of efficiency. In order for us to achieve maximum safety and security and to prevent any possibility for money laundering, all our traders are required to provide us with accurate and clear documentation.

In addition, since our traders’ funds are separated from the company’s funds, they are monitored daily. Also, all traders’ withdrawals and transactions are restricted exclusively to the registered names of the official Prestige Option trading accounts.

Prevention of Money Laundering

As a top priority at Prestige Option, and with the prevention of money laundering being regulated by international standards, we work aggressively to prevent all attempts of the movement of illegally acquired funds, as well as other criminal activities and their potential for terrorist actions.

In order to prevent all attempts of any type of illegal activities, Prestige Option has implemented the following steps into policy:

  • All data provided by our users must be verified by a certified third party.
  • Prestige Option monitors and reports any transaction that seems suspicious.
  • All data regarding trading will be recorded and kept for a certain time period.
  • All employees are properly trained so that they are able to recognize the potential for criminal activities.
  • We reserve the right to ask for additional identification forms before an official account opening.
  • Also, we reserve the right to prevent a transfer at any time, if we believe that the transfer is in any way related to illegal actions.