Trading binary options involves substantial risk and may lead to loss of all invested capital. Click here to read full risk disclosure

Binary options are an exciting way to trade the financial markets. Learn more about these options and Prestige Option.


The Definition of Binary Options

Also known as digital options or fixed return options, binary options are a type of option that involves two different possibilities that result in two different outcomes – loss or gain.

Application of Binary Options

In order to maximize the possibilities of gain and to minimize the risks of trading, long years of experience have taught us that the Prestige Option interface needs to be simple and easy to use. In order to provide all our traders with clarity, we have successfully managed to reduce the whole trading process into three steps: The selection of an asset, choosing a timeframe, and selecting the market direction.

Our team will also provide comprehensive information to help you gain skills, knowledge and experience that trading binary option effectively requires.

Profiting from Binary Options

Getting to know the market trends is definitely the first step to trading successfully. Then, the obvious development of your knowledge would be to keep up to date with the global financial and economic news since all events are consequential and impact market movements.

In order to trade binary options, it is vital to remember two key facts:

  • Trading requires skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Trading is not always profitable, irrespective if you are experienced or not.